Fanie is the founder of Technoarts, a company which he incorporated in 1992.

Fanie is a Microsoft Certified Engineer an Elemental Hardware Specialist with some 30 years of experience in IT and Multimedia. Fanie is arguably one of the most knowledgeable and seasoned professionals in South Africa when it comes to Video on Demand and Live Streaming and someone whose skills are heavily relied upon by the large clients of Technoarts and the industry a whole.

Fanie began his career as a Computer and Support Technician at Nashua in Limpopo where he was responsible for technical support of Nashua’s Government and Corporate Clients.

It soon became evident that Fanie’s technical ability and entrepreneurial ambitions would not be fully utilised at Nashua and thus he embarked on a designing venture with BSB Printers in Limpopo. At BSB Printers Fanie was part of a team that produced and designed posters, adverts, books, banners, and other direct marketing material.

Expanding on the experience he obtained at BSB Printers, Fanie joined Computer Colour Concepts C3, becoming a key interface between Computer Colour Concepts C3 and its key corporate clientele including the likes of Marie-Claire, Citizen, Leo Brunette and Multichoice.

Fanie’s significant breakthrough came when he was contracted by Multichoice to act as a Multimedia Specialist. It was here that he became involved in the implementation of HD iTV Applications on new decoders by rewriting the code to the HD Platform. At that stage he was also responsible for implementing the OMNIBUS scheduler, together with video editing.

Whilst being employed by Multichoice on a contract basis, Fanie established Technoarts, a business that was initially a multimedia development specialist and Apple Reseller.

Whilst at Multichoice, Fanie was approached with an opportunity to develop DStv Online’s hardware and software to facilitate Video on Demand services such as DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice. Fanie was the initial head of the team that designed, and implemented BoxOffice and DStv Catch Up, where he was also responsible for acquiring the correct infrastructure to support the development and smooth running thereof. It is this primarily on the back of this knowledge that Fanie developed an integral knowledge of Multichoice’s business and continues to be an invaluable resource albeit now delivering globally competitive products and services for Elemental and Interra for numerous clients across Southern Africa.

With the implementation and strategic emphasis being placed on Video on Demand by Multichoice Fanie saw an opportunity to provide Transcoding services to the Southern Africa market. Technoarts then took the strategic decision to specialise in this field of Transcoding and has become one of the foremost experts in Transcoding and Quality Control in Southern Africa.

In addition to being a significant shareholder, Fanie is the Operations Director of Technoarts.