Claudine is a well-respected businesswoman with interests in Media, Transport, Healthcare and ICT.

Claudine has held several positions in the SANDF, Volkskas Bank, Club Motors and Maizecor however her break-through came in 1974 when she relocated to Polokwane to open a Fiat and Ducati Dealership. Her intuitive and ambitious personality led to her becoming a key player in the Polokwane Business Sector leading to acquisitions and successful exits in both the motor and hospitality sectors in her early career.

In 1982, Claudine sold her car dealerships and joined Bahwaduba Buss Service (Aka – Zion Christian Church (“ZCC”) as ZCC’s Financial Manager, a position of significant influence and one she still holds today.

Claudine recognized the opportunities in providing financial services products to the numerous ZCC’s members and this formed the basis of incorporating a financial services company in the form of Kganya which Claudine formed in conjunction with ZCC. Kganya was essentially an insurance and funeral policy Financial Service Provider to ZCC members.

In 2008, Claudine sold her shares in Kganya, yielding a significant return which capital she has partially utilised to acquire various businesses where she believes there is opportunity for growth. One such business was Technoarts.

In 2010, Claudine invested in the Technoarts Group and became its then controlling shareholder and Financial Director.