Technoarts is the preferred supplier of the full complement of Interra’s products in Southern Africa and provides a range of complimentary services to maximise uptime and efficiency.

Interra’s BATON Platform is the market leader in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enabled Quality Control and provides comprehensive quality and compliance checks for all Video on Demand and live streaming use.

Technoarts is capable of providing all of its clients with a full complement of Interra’s products which include the following products in its signature BATON range:

  • Interra’s BATON File Based Quality Control
  • Interra’s BATON Media Player Platform
  • Interra’s BATON Captions Platform
  • Interra’s Lipsync Platform.

A high-level summary will now be furnished on each Interra Baton Product.

Interra’s Baton File Based
Quality Control Platform

The BATON Automated File Based Quality Control platform is Interra’s flagship product capable of providing a machine learning and artificial intelligence enabled automated quality control platform that provides comprehensive quality and compliance checks for Video on Demand and live streaming content. The hybrid quality control solution implements organizational quality control policy to support a combination of automated and manual quality control checks.

The result is a well-integrated and efficient broadcast workflow which is why BATON is used by global broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, over-the-top and archiving companies working with file-based content. BATON is the trusted choice for all their file-based quality control needs.

Interra’s BATON File Based Quality Control Platform supports a wide range of media formats and offers comprehensive quality checks, including extensive subtitles and CC verification, audio language identification, PSE correction, loudness detection and correction.


Interra’s Baton Media Player Platform

The BATON Media Player Platform (“BMP”) is an industry grade multi-media player for enhanced debugging of content. BMP lists eyeball Quality Control checks enabled in the BATON test plan, allowing users to add necessary errors, as well as mark each manual task as reviewed.

The inherent features of BMP allow the user to minimize debugging time and navigate to the erroneous location with a single click. As an add-on player with the capability to open BATON verification reports, the user can pinpoint and play the media around the error location and manually validate the severity of the error. With features like “Slow playback around error”, “Play all errors”, BMP plays all the detected faults/errors in an automated manner, without requiring any manual intervention.

Interra’s Baton Captions Platform

Interra’s BATON Captions Platform is an automated solution for all forms of captioning needs, allowing broadcasters and media professionals to address requirements from caption generation to Quality Control, auto corrections, review, and editing. Leveraging cutting-edge Machine Learning and automatic speech recognition technology, BATON Captions Platform brings simplicity and cost savings to the creation, management, and delivery of captions for traditional TV and video streaming.

Utilizing this high-performance solution, media companies can dramatically expedite the caption creation and verification processes for both live streaming and Video on Demand content, all while ensuring that  content is delivered in multiple video quality levels and within OTT video streams, without losing captions quality.

BATON Captions Platform allows users to pinpoint any drop or inaccuracy in captions and audio, as well as compliance issues, providing broadcasters with automated options for correcting alignment and text. Captions can be checked against actual audio essence, corrected, and exported to any industry-supported caption format. Through auto time stamping with state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, BATON Captions adds accurate time to dialogs in scripts, resulting in faster, more efficient caption generation.


Interra’s Lipsync Platform

BATON’s LipSync Platform is an automated tool for lip sync detection and verification. BATON LipSync leverages image processing and machine learning technology and deep neural networks to automatically detect audio and video sync errors. Using BATON LipSync, broadcasters and service providers can accurately detect audio lead and lag issues in media content in order to provide a superior quality of experience to viewers without the excessive cost generally associated with manual audio and video sync detection.

Additional information on Interra’s full product offering including ORION and ORION OTT, VEGA Media Analyser and Interra’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions can be obtained by perusing their Website at