Technoarts is a Preferential Partner to a leading global heavyweight in the form of Amazon Web Services Inc. via its wholly owned subsidiary AWS Elemental, where it performs the role of local distributor for AWS Elemental’s Server Solutions.

Elemental’s Server Solutions is an on-premises hardware and software solution that processes file-based video for delivery to broadcast televisions, Video on Demand devices and streaming to all forms of internet-connected devices. AWS Elemental’s Server Solutions enables the compression of various video formats into multiple versions for on-demand distribution. Available as an on-premises appliance or as AWS-licensed software on your existing infrastructure, AWS Elemental Server Solutions facilitates reliable, high-quality file-based video processing wherever you need it.

As the Preferential Partner for AWS Elemental, Technoarts can assess a client’s requirements, take responsibility for the entire Transcoding process, and ensure delivery of the reformatted content no matter the legacy material provided.


The key products Technoarts can provide to the Southern Africa market through its Preferential Partnership with AWS Elemental include:


The key features of Elementals Server Solutions will now be expanded upon.

Multiple output production
Preparing Video on Demand for distribution requires converting source video into a full range of compressed outputs. Elemental Server Solutions allows for a mezzanine of deliverables in multiple resolutions and formats to target a variety of players and platforms.
High-throughput processing
Converting video files for delivery can be time-intensive, notoriously so at scale. The faster one can process video, the easier it is to meet production deadlines and bring content to viewers. Elementals Server Solutions uses a specialized software architecture to maximize performance and scalability for file-based video processing. So should a single program or library of assets be required, Elementals Server Solutions can perform with unmatched speed and throughput.
Advanced video workflows
In today’s world the viewers expectations for broadcast and internet-connected video are ever increasing, while consumer devices become more powerful and sophisticated. Elemental’s Server Solutions incorporates advanced features and functionality to support the latest screens and experiences. Create content for delivery via Adobe Flash, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH, QuickTime, or traditional broadcast formats such as DSTV On-Demand or Catch-up.
Built-in quality
Elemental’s Server Solutions offers a comprehensive feature set designed to enhance the quality of any video content while maximizing the efficiency of the required on-demand workflows. Deliver high-quality encoding using codecs developed by Elemental including HEVC / H.265, H.264, and MPEG-2. Take advantage of customized algorithms that allow motion-adaptive deinterlacing, scene change detection, MPEG-2 deblocking, noise reduction, and temporal filtering. Quality-defined variable bitrate (QVBR) control automatically adjusts bitrate to maintain desired quality while conserving bandwidth. Technoarts through its Preferential Partnership with Elemental is capable of providing a full spectrum of Server Solutions with un-matched efficient, high-throughput Transcoding ability and reliability which can be deployed on-premises as an appliance or as AWS-licensed software on your existing infrastructure.