Technoarts  was founded over 30 years ago, and initially operated as a wholesaler and distributor of Apple Products and Services while at the same time trading as an IT Consultancy business providing services ranging from printing, video editing, 3-D graphics to that of Internet Webpage Design.

In 2001, the founding shareholder of Technoarts, Stephanus Erasmus, established a strong relationship with Multichoice, supplying Apple equipment and conducting the in-house transcoding processes. It was during his tenure at Multichoice that he recognised a gap developing between international best practices and the South African Broadcasting industry insofar as Video on Demand and live Streaming Services are concerned.

Today Technoarts operates as a transcoding specialist, focusing on the conversion and editing of stored and live feed video files for distribution to various platforms including television, tablets, personal computers, and smartphone devices.


The Heart & Soul of Technoarts

The most important aspect of our business is that we take full interest in your business, from your immediate needs to future growth.
At Technoarts, our customers become part of a family. We select products that are able to do the job as reliably, simply and cost-effectively as possible.
TechnoArts strives to inspire customers to recommend our business thanks to our commitment to service and providing efficient business solutions.

Within its core product range, the Technoarts Group is the Preferential Partner of Elemental and sole local distributor for Interra, allowing it to provide a full range of transcoding services to match a clients’ needs.

Technoarts has aligned itself with arguably two of the most globally competitive multinationals within the field of pay television, live to-air broadcasting and Video on Demand.


By having aligned its products and services with these global heavyweights, Technoarts can ensure that its Sub-Saharan African clients remain at the forefront of any technological advancements.

This enables them to contend globally, rivaling in the competitive environment of broadcasting and in particular pay television.